Catching up…

My deeeepest apologies for this very very late post :p Just realized it’s almost been two months since my last post.. so I guess I’m not doing very well in keeping with my goal to maintain this blog for you guys!

Anyways, what’s new with my life??

Well, me and one of my new friends here in Singapore have decided to apply for AXN Amazing Race Asia! Filling in the application form was definitely an eye-opener — we’ve only known each other for 48 days! Hahahaha! And so, it was a bit of a problem answering questions such as:

“What is your most memorable/worst experience with each other?”
“How did you solve the dispute?”

We spent a good few hours filling in the form, raking through our brains to come up with stories… and, as they say, it’s quality over quantity… so we did manage to find (what we think) are good answers to the questions. Somehow funny/crazy/mad/etc things just happen when we’re together. I blame her. I’m the sane one. Ask anyone..

The next stage is the 3-minute video! One of her friend’s suggested to do an “asterix & obelix” theme heehee where, of course, i am asterix 🙂 but i think she wasn’t too crazy about the idea…hmmm.

so, any suggestions people?


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