Dinner…a la Asti

My friends know that I can cram (hence the reason for me passing exams), talk (hence the reason why they love me haha) and eat ice cream (come winter or summer)

They also know that I can’t:
a) cook!
b) make decisions quickly
And tonight, it proved to be a deadly combination…

Was all prepared to just fry some frozen ready-made chicken wings (oh, the beauty of packaged food.. tho my mom will kill me for this). Then changed my mind, and decided to cook some fresh chicken instead. Chopped up the tomatoes, chicken, and was salivating already.

Then find out I ran out of onion. *sigh*

But being the brave child that I am, decided anyways to go ahead and cook, forgoing the onion. Placed some oil into a pot, heated it up, placed the garlic. Then went to wash the rice cooker to make some rice. Came back to find the garlic all burnt. *second sigh*

Washed the pot, heated oil and garlic again (under a watchful eye this time). Rice cooker did its thing, and I did my cooking. I looked into the pot and realized my food-in-progress became more and more like pasta sauce… while *click* went the rice cooker.

Now, I have:
a) chicken in pasta sauce
b) some hot steaming white rice and no pasta.

And I do not have:
a) pasta
b) or something to eat the rice with

*third sigh*

Soooo.. being fickle-asti, changed my mind and decided to follow the chicken and have pasta for dinner!! Now, I am boiling a pot of pasta, while staring at this pot of rice that just has to wait for tomorrow…


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