Early in the morning and my head’s buzzing

just checking in.. tho i am tired as hell: the time is 6:45am here in Singapore and I have just reached home.. *yawn* supposed to have just gone out for dinner with my cousin’s friend (well, my friend too now) coz he was on transit here in singapore. turned out he had a 10-hr transit (!!), from 9pm last nite till 7 this morning.. so was with him the whole time: from dinner, to clubbing (Ministry of Sound), coffee then breakfast hahah

re MoS, we queued for a while (loving singapore for this: no more queuing in the freezing cold like in the UK).. then, we got to the front and I got ID-ed!! whaaat??? Never in my 5 years in UK have I ever been checked. And they wouldn’t let me in, saying “oh, no ID no entry, you’ll get into trouble when there’s a police raid” blablabla

soooo, as my friend really wanted to go to MoS, we took a cab back to my place, grabbed my ID then came back down. And surprise, surprise:

a) There was no queue
b) No one asked for my ID!!! *grrrr*

This is our hypothesis: it was free entry before midnight (i.e. during our first attempt), hence the long queue and the ID check! So obviously, when we came back the second time it was past midnight already and voila! We get charged! *apologies to my friend*

Aaah, had fun anyways.. and am now heading straight to bed! Goodnight/morning! Mwah!


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