Starting the weekend!

Absolutely looooving the 3-day weekend! No definite plan yet, but just the thought 3 luxurious day of “nothing”ness stretching ahead is more than enough to lift my spirit. Now it’s more of a spontaneous, lets-wake-up-and-see approach to this easter weekend.

Last nite, i.e. thursday nite, was the start to this bootiful time. Met some friends for dinner, some drinks, then decided to go for coffee.. But on the way we detoured into a club by accident haha! It was free entry on Wednesday and Thursday (yay!) so what do we have to lose? Went past the front door bouncers, then up the stairs where they checked for tickets *gasp*

“Public holiday, so have cover charge” said the lady behind the counter

And being the cheapskates that we are, we walked out hahahah but, lady luck intervened and the bouncer downstairs stopped us as we walked past him to go outside.

“You wanna go in?”

hmmm… “yes, but we don’t wanna pay” was the answer in my head, but it came out *hopefully* classier than that

“Do you wanna go in or not????”

“no, we just wanted to check out the front door” was another answer in my head.. but i came clean this time and just said “yes.”


He boootifully stamped our hands with one of those only-seen-under-blue-light kinds, waved us off with a grin.. and off we went back up the stairs, passed our hands under the ticket dude’s light, and walked into the club!

I’m guessing he must have known we got the stamp for free (or at least with a discounted price) from the bouncer downstairs. In the span of 5 minutes, we left him with no tickets and came back up with stamped hands!! But thanks anyways for still letting us in :p

Morale of the story: Be nice to bouncers with stamp thingie in their hands! I say a very good way to start the weekend!


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