Counting My Blessings

With exams and deadlines looming, I have unfortunately been using my brain too much while neglecting the heart. I find it harder as the days go by to concentrate and focus — the brain knows what it has to do, but not why.

So this little post is meant to let the heart take control for a few minutes and talk to the brain. So listen up, up there.

1. God

The one constant force in my life. She might not always be at the forefront, but She is always there nonetheless. I may not adhere to Her advice all the time, but I hope I can always hear it.

2. Family

A very close second to God. My parents are exceptional people, who truly give their all for my sister and me. My only aim and prayer is their happiness. Simple.

My mom is the firecracker, who will go BANG unexpectedly (though never provoked). We had our differences, but then again I was a very bad teenager. She is now my anchor, and the engine that keeps the family running smoothly amidst all the changes. A strong-headed woman who gives her all and her best to anything she does.

My dad is the goofball, the good cop to my mom’s bad cop. My debate partner, my reference point, and my joker. A hardworking man who takes life in strides because he knows he has done it right.

My sister is the knock-in-the-head, toe-stubber that jolts me back to the reality. I love her deeply for that (or maybe inspite of that?), and for providing me with endless entertainments (mostly at her expense).

The three people I will willingly give up everything for.

3. Friends

As is often said, “Friends are the family you choose.”

Since I left my born-into family over seven years ago, separated from them by thousands of miles and hours of dull flights, I have full faith in this adage. I have been lucky to have such amazing friends, who have opened up their hearts, minds, and homes to me. They moved my stuff from different homes/cities (even when I’m not there to help them!), drove me up and down England for various purposes, cooked food, proofread my assignments (and handed them in while I recover from stress), made chicken soup when I was ill, bungee-jumped with me, and some even braved the heat of Indian summer with me! But mostly, and most important, they were there for coffee and random ramblings.

To name them all will be both pointless and tiring, but suffice to say I owe them all I know and will learn.

4. Health

Often take for granted, but I include it in my prayers.

5. Opportunities

I have been extremely fortunate to have the world as my oyster. Truly. I have travelled extensively, lived in several countries and schooled (and uni-ed) around the world. As mentioned before, I started where most people aim to end. Compliments to my beloved parents for all… and for continuing to support me to explore all the world has to offer.

May I never take for granted all that I have been given, and may I make the most of it all.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I’m starting to have this suspicion that you are the infamous Naked Traveler – as far as I know she is the only female Indonesian who has backpacked her ways to 30+ countries..

    Hmmmm *rubs chin with finger and lift one eyebrow slightly*



  2. Posted by astipastina on June 16, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not her 🙂 Currently, I’m still at 24 countries and hoping to do 6 more in 6 years’ time. Though I would love meet this Naked Traveler (what is she infamous for by the way?), or anyone else who have backpacked to 30+ countries!


  3. Well, she wrote a blog depicting her personal bacpkacking experiences to the strangest places in the world. And then she turned it into a book which had become a sell out and got a little controversy because some of the articles in it was deigned too pornographic (even though they were only talking about the Netherland’s red light district and Thai girls performing things with their genitals). The book got edited, the articles, if I’m not mistaken, are taken out and they are being reprinted due to high demand 😉


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