Stubbed, tripped and stumbled.

I stubbed my heel today. I know people usually stub their toes, but my forever awkward body decided to be different and stub its heel instead. And it hurt.

But then it reminded me of the other times I stub my toe/heel and other times when I stumble or trip. It usually happens when I’m walking home alone from/to Uni. It’s when I usually plan or analyze my day. It’s when I make excuses for my mistakes: not being as productive as I should, spending money I don’t have, saying things I don’t mean (or don’t say things I mean). As soon as I have convinced myself that all these reasons are valid, I stumble. When I accept my self-created justification for those mistakes, I trip.

And I am jolted back into reality. And it hurt, both the fall and the realization that I am not invicible, that those reasons do not hold up, that I am weak and imperfect, that I make mistakes, that I fall into temptation and fail to follow logic, reason and faith.

But always, always, I get up. I wipe the dust from my gorgeous new skirt 🙂 and thank God. Why? My fall was my wake-up call from God. It’s Her way of saying, “Wake up. Stop daydreaming. Accept it for what it is. Bear responsibility for your deeds.” And it’s Her way of showing that She still cares. And as long as She still cares, then I can still get up and recover.

So here’s to all my stubbing (?), tripping and stumbling.


5 responses to this post.

  1. Living through the same experience of physical pain ( this morning I drowsily did hit a threshold which launched me into a painful consciousness of the fresh day) makes one sympathize with others. Toes seem to be very sensitive parts of the body; the pain takes its time to recede.

    I’m not sure if God had anything to do with it in my case. Although i could do with a wake up call also. But It is to busy I presume, to care about my little toe.


  2. Posted by astipastina on June 16, 2008 at 8:16 am

    Ouch! I hope you have a better start to the morning today!

    And God’s never too busy for anything/anyone 🙂 I guess I’m feeding my own ego by thinking my general clumsiness is God’s intention rather than just a personal defect.


  3. The same thing happens to me when I usually feel quite a snob about something lol

    And then I’d trip over and embarass myself – God’s way of telling me to keep it on the down low.


  4. Posted by astipastina on June 16, 2008 at 5:10 pm

    Very true, Therry! It happens everytime I pat myself on the back for *slightly* too long 🙂


  5. Clumsy … that’s my middle name … LOL. I have to stay focus to avoid myself tripping or hitting a wall in front of me.


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