Observing People (Part I)

I’m a people person, but some people… I just don’t get.

Case number one: People who are so afraid/embarassed to be beaten academically that they make those who get lower grades feel inferior.

People who tell you they got a certain grade, say a B. And asked you for yours, to which you replied, “an A.” They then reply with, “I was just kidding. I actually got A+. Hahaha!”

Now where is the need to do that? Why would you purposely lie about your grade first time round, and only to reveal a higher grade once you’ve found your opponent’s. It’s not a zero-sum game: my doing well does not harm you in any way.

Or maybe they are trying to be nice: tell me a lower grade to spare my feeling just in case I did badly. Would they have revealed to me their true grade if I had said I received a C?

Have you met someone who does this (i.e. lying about their grades, only to reveal the truth after you have told them yours)? What do you think is their main intention?


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