My faith in humanity

My faith in humanity has been restored!! Granted, I’ve always been the eternal optimist, benefit-of-the-doubt sort of girl… But it’s good to know that my natural state of being has its support from the external world.

I have been a big fan of Kiva since a friend introduced me to it. It is basically a lending website, where individuals from across the world can make a direct loan to an entrepreneur (in the developing world) of their choice. So each lender and entrepreneurs have a profile, where the entrepreneur details the amount needed, what it will be used for and the repayment plan. In short, it is the gateway between the hundreds of microfinance NGOs on the field, with the thousands of potential lenders in the world who are sitting comfortably at their house sipping Starbucks coffee (e.g. me and you)!

The good great news is this: Kiva is all loaned-up! Yes, all loans requests have been funded, i.e. the lenders have given full support to the entrepreneurs who are trying to lift themselves out of poverty! Indeed, Kiva is apologizing for the lack of loan requests available as they are being funded very quickly. It seems a lot of people still care… It is a good world 🙂


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