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Oh Happy Day!

Oh results are out!

Oh how my heart pounded when I went online to check the results!

Oh happy day!

Now I can call my parents and tell the good news.

Now I can really enjoy my trip today to Wet ‘n Wild (a water theme park with huge slides.. weeeee!!)

Now I should call those friends I shun during the thesis-writing days (I hope they’re still my friends…)

First things first: Pray and thank God. Alhamdulillah.


Oh so random

If I start packing now before the results are out, am I being overconfident? What will happen if I find out, after shipping most of my stuff, that I fail and must stay for another semester? But I guess the shipping will be the least of my concerns.. parental reaction will be the first. The shame, the horror! (and the money!)

If I start packing now, will I be done by noon so I can go shopping?

If I pray and pray and pray, will God make my supervisor nicer and kinder when grading my thesis?

If I pray and pray and pray some more, will God show me where I’m supposed to be heading next? Country-wise and career-wise?

If I go back to Jakarta, will I turn into a cynical, queue-jumping, brand-crazy, mall-obssessed, hide-under-oversized-Chanel-shades-so-I-can-ignore-the-sun-burnt-child-knocking-on-my-SUV-window girl? (Yes, stereotyping acknowledged, and thrown into the bin).

If I don’t go back to Jakarta, will I still turn into that?

If I go back to Jakarta, will I meet Mr. Right?

If I don’t go back to Jakarta, will I meet another Mr. Right?

If I go into my kitchen now, will breakfast be ready — prepared by some lil magic fairies, and preferably be nasi uduk with ayam and sambel?

If I hide back under my duvet long enough, will the lil elves come out and do my packing?

If it wasn’t raining, would I have gone jogging as I had planned?

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Oh yes, it is that very grand day, when I celebrate the birth of the best man ever: my dad 🙂

I wish I can write a longer post like I did for Sis, but I have an exam to study for — I think that will have to take priority. I’m also sorry that I forgot to call you on midnight like I usually do, but I had an exam today — I think that’s a valid excuse for the late call. And similar to the past 7 years, I apologize for not being there to celebrate your birthday with you.

But I do hope you know that these ‘deficiencies’ do not in anyway diminish the sentiment: I really wish you a great birthday, because you deserve nothing less than that. You are truly an inspiration, a bonafide role model. A man who has climbed through the socio-economic ranks, seen the world and sacrificed so much for his family. Yet you did this all without losing your faith, humility, or the ability to love and laugh.

I love you for all of that, and many more.

So here’s to your 55th birthday (and many more to come inshAllah). May you get all that you wish for, Dad. And may God always always look after you.