Oh so random

If I start packing now before the results are out, am I being overconfident? What will happen if I find out, after shipping most of my stuff, that I fail and must stay for another semester? But I guess the shipping will be the least of my concerns.. parental reaction will be the first. The shame, the horror! (and the money!)

If I start packing now, will I be done by noon so I can go shopping?

If I pray and pray and pray, will God make my supervisor nicer and kinder when grading my thesis?

If I pray and pray and pray some more, will God show me where I’m supposed to be heading next? Country-wise and career-wise?

If I go back to Jakarta, will I turn into a cynical, queue-jumping, brand-crazy, mall-obssessed, hide-under-oversized-Chanel-shades-so-I-can-ignore-the-sun-burnt-child-knocking-on-my-SUV-window girl? (Yes, stereotyping acknowledged, and thrown into the bin).

If I don’t go back to Jakarta, will I still turn into that?

If I go back to Jakarta, will I meet Mr. Right?

If I don’t go back to Jakarta, will I meet another Mr. Right?

If I go into my kitchen now, will breakfast be ready — prepared by some lil magic fairies, and preferably be nasi uduk with ayam and sambel?

If I hide back under my duvet long enough, will the lil elves come out and do my packing?

If it wasn’t raining, would I have gone jogging as I had planned?


3 responses to this post.

  1. I enjoy my reading, thank you for posting.


  2. oh.. it happened to me previously! i had a farewell dinner before the exam even started!!!! 😀 you’ll graduate.. don’t worry!! 😉

    so… you’re going back to Jakarta?? going to find a job there?


  3. Posted by asti on November 27, 2008 at 7:15 am

    @akhyari: your welcome! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    @amalia: yay, I graduated! Thanks for the prayers 🙂 Don’t know yet where I’m headed, or what I’m going to do.. That’s life’s biggest mystery for me right now lol Heading Manila first in the meantime. Come visit! 😉


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