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Posts to Write

Oh yes, it’s been a long, long while since I posted anything here… (apart from that Really Random post, which is excluded due to its sheer randomness). And it’s not because of lack of materials. Or lack of time. Or lack of interest in general writing. Or lack of internet connection.

It is, in fact, down to that singular feature of human trait that accounts for so much of our behaviours.. mostly bad ones. Or, it may not result in anything bad, but it definitely stops the good from materializing.

The L word: Laziness.

So to combat that, I’ve decided to write a Posts-to-Write list. Simply to act as a reminder for the many many things I want to share with you all (the I’m-thinking-of-others reason*), and also as a reminder of the many many interesting stories I have (the I’m-so-cool reason).

1. Letter to Grandpa
2. First day/month at work
3. First payday! (yay!!)
4. The End of My Manila Chapter
(yes, the closest thing I’ve had to a home is now no longer…)
5. The Start of My Jakarta Chapter
(trying to make a new home, amongst people who think that this is my home. talk about a misunderstanding minefield)
6. Define Home, Please.
(the eternal question of TCKs)
7. One Month of Busway
(I can write a Ph.D thesis on behavioural psychology based on this)
8. Coolest Travel Story: Wedding in Saudi Arabia
9. 6 Months (and Counting) Without TV
(yes, it’s possible. Life does exist outside TV, and a good one too!)
10. A Heritage Trail Across Jakarta
(an excursion with Sahabat Museum, lit. Friends of Museums)

OK, that should be enough to keep me going.. And hopefully it’ll act as a teaser so you’ll watch this space 😉

*This assumes that you guys actually want to hear my stories. Which is of course true, because of reason number 2: I’m so cool (!)


Really Random

How random can things be? Or at least how random can ramblings be? Like, right now. I have no idea what to, ok, no. I do have some idea, but just too lazy to write them. I wanna just type type type without stopping, or deleting or censoring. But that’s hard to do. Coz I do a lot of typos. And that’s not fair for you, my dear readers, who have already spared the time to read this nonsense. I don’t wanna cause you even more pain by shifting through typos.

typos typos typos

I think that’s a really funny word. Maybe typo was a typo, like someone was trying to type type, but made a typo.

Oh I hope no one from work read this.

typo typo typo typo
sounds like hippo hippo hippo

of which I’m an expert, thanks to Lufthansa Airlines that only had that one giant screen for the entire economy class. So I had to sit for 15 hours watching a documentary on hippos. 15 hours I’ll never gain back, and 15 hours of the most unproductive tv viewing ever.

But maybe, one day, I’ll join a TV quiz show and the one million dollar question will be on hippos. Just like that movie which I liked but just at this moment can’t remember the title of. But I’m sure you all know. If not, ask your neighbor.

A 1-min break to check facebook, and to reply to a chat message, only to find so-and-so is no longer online. I hate that.

I like this lil window of quickpress. Very good for random stuff. Specially coz I can’t see any of the previous paragraphs, so I don’t have to worry about connecting this paragraph with the previous ones.

OOooooohhh… He’s back online. yay! chat back in motion.

I saw a friend’s status on facebook, which I think is hilarious. It goes like this: “In future, YouTube, Twitter & Facebook will merge to form the mega platform, YouTwitFace -Conan OBrien (rofl)”

Definite rofl.

Click on the blue button. Publish.