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Things I’ve Learnt in the Past 2.5 Months

1. Jakarta is crowded.. really crowded. 15 million people in 62 km2 does not a good city make. But it truly is the city that never sleeps.

2. Busway is just as crowded… But surprisingly convenient, reasonably clean, safe and frequent (According to my calculation, at least one bus every 10 minutes, which is not bad at all).

3. People cannot queue… My dad argues that it’s the crowd mentality, where because there is such a huge crowd, people panic and jostle to the front. But I noticed that even when it’s just me waiting for the busway, the next person will stand next to me instead of behind me. And will innocently cut me to the bus, even if clearly s/he knows I was there first.

4. Payday is somehow always a sunny, clear-blue-sky kinda day.

5. Living with parents again after 8 years of full independence requires negotiation skills, diplomacy and patience of the highest level… from both sides.

6. I’ve forgotten the beauty (and the beast) of being back within the grandeur of Indonesian extended family.

7. While I’ve heard Indonesia being described, by foreigners & Indonesian themselves, that Indonesia is the smiling nation, I still think they (we?) need to smile a lil bit more. Especially to the doormen, security guards, drivers, maids, cleaners, and the likes.

8. To some people, a mall excursion requires a level of makeup and hairdo that I usually reserve for a night out. I’m afraid of what these people do for their evening plans.

9. My marriage plans are everyone’s business… literally.

10. People are shocked that someone from my upbringing/educational background/international experiences/socio-economic status* willingly takes the busway to and from work. Listen to me people: From London to Paris to New York to Singapore, from the red double-decker bus to the Tube to the Subway to the MRT, if it’s 5 PM, it will be crowded. Jakarta’s Busway is not immune to this rule.