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My Lazy Saturday

OK, people usually have lazy Sundays.. but I thought one day of laziness is simply not enough to recuperate from 5 days of busy-ness. So I added Saturday to my lazy-day list. Starting today.

Oh it didn’t actually started that way.. I woke up with grand plans in my head, which includes cleaning up my room, calling up old friends, catching up with my readings and my writings, sorting out photos from my phone, etc etc.

Out of all those, I managed (or about to manage) one of them: write… and that’s at 8 in the evening.. a cool 12 hours after I made my highly-optimistic list of things to do. All the other things have been replaced by one thing and one thing only: watch TV. damn you TV.

No, really, DAMN you TV. Believe it or not, TV has only recently entered my life here in Jakarta. For the past 4 months or so, there was no TV at home. Well, the physical TV set is there, but since we hadn’t subscribed to any cable television we didn’t receive any TV signals. The good ol’ telly was used sporadically during the weekends simply to watch DVDs.

But you know what? None of us, i.e. neither me, my Mom or my Dad, really missed the whole “watching TV” activity. To those sceptics who asked “So what do you guys do at night/weekends?”, the simple answer is “Eat, play cards, read books, just sit in comfortable silence, or sleep.” I found that the 2-3 hours I get at home after work is just enough to fit these things in.” And it’s true.

But now that the modern evil has re-entered our home, I feel my productivity slipping down. No, scratch that. It didn’t slip… it plunged. Head-first. Into the icy-cold water, to die a permanent death.

So tomorrow, the previously designated lazy-day of Sunday has to become the uber-productive Sunday to make up for this Satur-lazy-day. God may rest on the 7th day, but I guess that’s a priviledge only God can afford.. the toil continues for a mere mortal like me.


To The Man of My Life

5:33 pm, Friday. Just wrapping up a few things in the office, before I head back home. From the large glass window of my office room, through the water streaks and the mist from the rain: a glimpse of Jakarta’s skyline.

I don’t know what it is, but maybe the mix of grey skies and that silence that you get during heavy rains just brings a reflective pause in my Jakarta rat-race life. So I pause. I look around. And always my memories come back and takes my breath away…. and I stood in awe of my life. And that’s not me boasting — in fact, it’s safe to say I’ve done nothing awe-worthy in my life… but I’ve experienced a very awesome life.

You have done the amazing things, and I just tagged along.

So let me count the ways I owe you, you son of a tailor (“tukang jahit”) in one of Indonesia’s thousands of traditional wet market (“pasar becek”) and of a shopkeeper owner (and by shop here, the appropriate Indo word is “warung”, i.e. small shop (usually measuring 2 x 3 m) selling lil household/toiletries items and chocolate bars).

A deadly combination of brains and hardwork (I’m afraid “good looks” doesn’t factor in :p), you gained admittance to an academy (I know you only applied to academies, instead of universities, because tuition was free and they even gave living allowance) where, if I remember correctly, you scored 2nd highest amongst thousands of applicants.

Then obtained a scholarship for your Masters to go the US at the young age of 20-something… and this was back in the 1970s — I can only imagine the competition for that! A PhD soon followed, but not before I entered into your life and started accruing my debt to you… (and you to me, as I’m sure I’ve brought great moments in your life too, right? Wait, this post is not about me….)

Long story short, I travelled the world, gained formal/informal educations around the world, tasted some of world’s finest cuisine, stayed in breath-taking hotels, saw many of the world’s amazing wonders, and through it all never had to worry about the $$$. And most importantly, I either did all of those things with you by my side or at the least with your love and moral support behind it.

You’ve come a long way: from having to remember all the teacher taught you because notebooks (the paper kind, not the one equipped with wi-fi and bluetooth) were too expensive, to getting me my first car (brand new, and automatic). Thanks for taking me along with you.

And sorry for forgetting it was your birthday. But I think we’re even now, considering you left me (and sis) on the curb once when you went to get the car and then just drove off without looking back… only to realize a good 500 meters later that we were not in the backseat 😉