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My Christmas Wish List

I don’t actually celebrate Christmas itself, but I do enjoy the extra holiday! And any excuse to make a wish list si fine with me… So here it goes, in no particular order.

1. An iMac. Simply because they’re just pretty. And also because I’m tired of sneaking my Dad’s laptop away from his “office,” and then having him knock on my door asking for it back. And I need to get away from the habit of surfing/blogging/etc from my bed.. it’s too comfy, and just leads me staying in bed all day. At least having a desktop instead of a laptop will force me to get out of bed :p

2. That pair of oh-so-gorgeous Christian Louboutin shoes, that cost my monthly salary and a bit lot more… *sigh* I think the salesperson knows me already as “that scruffy girl who comes in, looks at it, and then walks out.”

3. A pay raise (see 2).

4. A holiday. Damn you “no-vacation-leave-until-one-year-of-service” rule!!!

5. My sis to come home for the vacation 🙂

6. For Monday to never come, and for this 3-day-weekend to last forever…

7. I want suggestions of things to do/places to visit within a 2-hours-drive radius of Jakarta, i.e. similar to Bandung distance-wise. See, my office has this “weekend duty” program where at least two people per department has to be within the Jakarta vicinity in case of emergency. Since everyone else is on holiday for the next 2 weeks or so, and I’m not (see #4), I’ve been one of the designated “weekend duty” personnel *sigh* So trips to Bali, Lampung, Yogyakarta, etc are out of the question (and forget about trips abroad!). Thus, the need for things within Jakarta’s 2-hours’-drive radius.. Anyone??

8. Books! Why are books so damn expensive in Jakarta? They’re double the prices elsewhere!

9. Philippines dried mangoes.. Yum. I’ve finished my stock, and looking for the next shipment. They’re my drug of choice.

10. World peace.