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Me, Myself and I

17:09 on a Saturday, after a week of intense intense workload. So you would think I deserve a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of drinking (coffee that is, in a cozy cafe somewhere), cheesecake-eating and having emotionally-fulfilling-spiritually-relaxing-but-intellectually-empty conversations (of which I will remember nothing except that it made me feel happy and well-rested) with my wonderful friends.

But, nooooooo… God, and my body, had decided on Plan B, which unfortunately involved none of the elements above. Instead, they include the bed, a box of tissue, and a runny nose that won’t stop running. @#$@!

So here I am, in my bed and in my pajamas, on a Saturday afternoon.. And it’s not the cozy I’m-still-in-bed-on-an-afternoon feeling that I had previously (that was by choice..  this was by force.  the evil nose force) And now my phone is going off with the usual “what are we doing tonight?” messages. My answer: “Tonight, I will be leaving tissue trails wherever I go. So you all know where to find me.”

With that, I bid adieu to all you  healthy people out there (damn you!) and may you all have a great Saturday night.