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January: NYR #1 (Travel More)

OK, I previously wrote about my bite-sized 2011 New Year’s Resolution, and in the true spirit of the school-addict that I am, I’m making myself a report card! OK, maybe not a report card, but more of a progress report. The report card will come in at the end of the year when we rack up all 12 progress reports. And let’s just skip the parent-teacher discussion… that is one part of school I am glad to not re-live.

So, without further ado, progress report numero uno is here.

To kick off the year, I chose to tackle NYR #1. Travel more. As you (yes, you, my sole reader) already know by now, I am, by default, in travel-mode.. until recently that is, when I moved back to the motherland about 1.5 years ago (sh*t! that long already?). I discovered that being monogamous to a location (location fidelity?) is not my strong forte, and I do need to take a break (pun intended) every now and then to maintain the relationship.

January, travel-wise, was perfect! I started the year, exactly on 1-1-11, by diving in Weh Island, on the northern tip of Sumatra. It was the culmination of a 5-day road trip from Padang to Sabang that started in the last week of December 2010. Traveling and diving on the start of the year, it was the perfect way to start 2011. A+ for me!

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Pandas are cool…

…because they are white, black, and Asian.

Ba dum tsh!

Where am I? Exactly where I should Be. (I hope). (Fingers crossed).

The day after what is supposedly the international Day of Love, and I am feeling like I could use a bit more of love.

Spurred by the usual questions from the extended family — questions I’d rather not repeat as it is borderline obscene now simply because of its excessive use — I had the usual equally-boring discussions with my friends and cousin about it.

That, then, lead to the bigger question that I continuously grapple with each day I have been back here in the motherland. Or, to be more accurate, what people around tell me my motherland should be… simply because it is so by blood, by a little green book with the picture of an imaginary bird on the cover, and perhaps, by lack of other choice because getting another green/blue/red book is not that easy. And you need that book for everyone to identify you, and put you in a little category box in their heads. God forbid that you don’t have one.. it is pretty much like you don’t exist.

What, exactly, am I doing here? No, not in the big sense of life and Sophie’s-World-esque.. I’m being much more selfish and narrow-minded here. It’s more of the here, here.. In this city, in this job, doing the usual rat race and weekly mall runs. I don’t want another break-up, as I feel she is slowly coming back, but I do feel like I’m facing a constant uphill battle to keep her coming closer.. God alone knows what I would have to do to keep her once (if?) she gets here. I already feel like I’m slowly entering into a comfort zone, which is a definite no-go. I never remembered it being this hard to stay together, well-put, balanced.. and dare-I-say, happy content…  prior to coming back to motherland.

Is it just me that has changed, or is it motherland? If I had stayed in non-motherland, would I still be feeling lost like this? Does feeling home a matter of mind-over-matter, where if I keep repeating it often enough, loud enough.. it will come true?

I’m a great believer in mind-over-matter. It’s the engineer in me, who is always trying to solve problems.. and puts logic and reason on a pedestal over matters of the heart. And this is my engineer attempt to not feeling lost:

The place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you.

God circled, I arrowed. (Source: Lonely Planet)

Because if God can’t help me, who can? And if you say so, God, then I will make the most of it. Or, at least try to. I trust you have a plan, God, because for once, I don’t. And it scares the Hell out of me. My GPS and GoogleMap are pretty useless at this point — no disrespect to them — but I hope You have a better map. And I hope I can hear you when you tell me to turn right, turn left, or do a U-turn. Because right now, I’m just coasting…

I’m posting every week in 2011!

My lazy copy-and-paste post:

I’ve decided I want to blog more. Rather than just thinking about doing it, I’m starting right now.  I will be posting on this blog once a week for all of 2011.

I know it won’t be easy, but it might be fun, inspiring, awesome and wonderful. Therefore I’m promising to make use of The DailyPost, and the community of other bloggers with similar goals, to help me along the way, including asking for help when I need it and encouraging others when I can.

If you already read my blog, I hope you’ll encourage me with comments and likes, and good will along the way.




My lazy-but-original post:

Count me in!! 🙂 I know there’s an option for post-a-day, but I’m being realistic here and opting for the post-a-week one.



New Year’s Resolution – 2011

Belated post, as we are already in the 6th week of 2011.. but I guess that makes “to not procrastinate” an easy addition to my New Year’s Resolution for 2011!

In full recognition of my fickleness and lack of attention span *ooooh, butterfly*…..

….I have decided to breakdown my New Year’s resolution into easier-to-digest, bite-size proportions. Similar to those bags of tiny Snickers bar that I buy instead of the full-sized ones in the hopes that I can better proportion my snack cravings and hence stick to my diet plans, these tiny resolutions I hope will be easier to keep track of and (hopefully) accomplish. And thus, I hope, I will come out of 2011 as a better, happier, healthier me. At least, that’s the plan.

And this is how it shall work: I will list down 12 mini-resolutions, and each month I will try to accomplish one of them. Just one. I won’t assign which goal should be done in which month; instead, I will give that freedom to my future self to  judge the time/opportunity that best matches a particular goal. Also, some of the goals are actually more of a wish, but ah well 🙂

Without further ado, my wish-list to-do list for 2011 is:

1. Travel more

2. Procrastinate less

3. Start (and keep!) a personal budget plan

4. Buy a house

5. Learn more about my religion

6. Fall in love

7. Get an Advanced Diver’s License

8. Learn how to drive a manual

9. Join a charity

10. Learn how to play a new music instrument

11. Write more

12.  Make amends with my past

13. Treat my family to a holiday *extra credit*

And so there it is… Let’s see how well/badly I would have done by 31 December 2011 🙂