Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

Taken during my trip to Chennai, India for a friend’s wedding, this is how they eat in that magical country: tiny little round bowls, placed on an even-bigger round plate! Everyone gets one set each, so imagine the amount of dishwashing needed!

And so, how does one eat Thali-style?

1. Remove little bowls, put them around the big round platter.

2. Get a chapatti if you’d like one, or wait as the waiter dump loads of rice on your now-cleared platter (notice that it’s already lined with banana leaf).

3. Dump the curries back onto the big platter. One-by-one or all together, on your rice or on the side, it’s all up to you!

4. Eat away! And remember, proper Indian manners require you to eat with your (right) hand.. so dump the spoon, and enjoy the true meaning of “finger-licking good” 🙂

Chennai, India


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  1. Posted by Kamakshi on April 30, 2011 at 11:56 pm

    Being a Tamilian, I dont like the plate set up…try the plane banana leaf set up,i bet the tasty meal becomes tastier!


    • I think I had that one as well, at the wedding itself. Is that where you’re supposed to fold the leaf (after you’ve finished eating) towards you if you’re satisfied with the meal, and away from you if not? Rest assured that I folded mine towards me 🙂


  2. mmmmm… i’ve just eaten, but i’m hungry again.


  3. Hi there, visiting you back 😉
    Nice picture, I haven’t found mine yet for ’round’ 😀


  4. Very nice “round” shot!


  5. Hmmmm …. the food looks delicious.


  6. wow, that looks and sounds amazing!!


  7. @conspiracyofravens: Believe it or not, this particular Chennai restaurant is part of a franchise that spreads across Canada, US and Europe! So who knows, there might just be one nearby where you are 🙂

    @orin: thanks! I’ll come check out your “round”.

    @dorisrudddesign: Thanks! I was actually very proud of myself for finding one so perfect for “round.”

    @multibrand: It WAS delicious. This is one case where you can judge something by its appearance!

    @panicmonster: It was indeed amazing.. Who needs a buffet table when you’ve got a thali: it’s all there already!


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