June, Anew!

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First post for the month of June.. or the last month in the 1st half of 2011. Yes, we all know that time flies.. it’s a lesson we’ve all learnt again and again. And yet, somehow, at least for me, it refuses to sink in. I still can’t believe we’re pretty much halfway into 2011. New Year’s felt like yesterday.. and New Year’s Resolution? Long forgotten, and put to rest.

And yet! This trait of forgetfulness, while a detriment to learning (and re-learning) life’s lessons, is highly beneficial to my undying spirit for self-improvement, for trying better and starting anew each Monday (I will finish writing up all those reports at work!), Saturday (I shall clean my room this weekend!), and each 1st day of the month. Forget last week, last weekend, last month.. I will be better starting now!

So here’s to starting fresh in this month of June!

Short-term goal to take me through the end of the week:

  1. Wash my car
  2. Clean my room
  3. Start my list of expenses to better track my spending
  4. Go to the gym
  5. Finish all those work reports!

That should keep me busy 😉

Happy June, all!


9 responses to this post.

  1. Happy June too ! 🙂
    I like this month because it will be the first day of the summer in 20 days now…


  2. Very dutiful. But too tedious and exhausting I guess. So probably it would be wise to add some entertainment as numbers 6 – 10 to make life liveable :).


  3. @My English Thoughts: Where I’m at is always summer 😉 so is 21 june the official date when summer begins for you? Didn’t realize that!

    @colson: Well, it’s always easy to do the fun stuff.. don’t need a list to remind myself to do those 😉 Wasn’t that bad, managed to do half of the items there (#1, #4, and half of #2)


  4. good idea on a half year resolution. i should prolly make a list too to keep myself busy this summer. happy june dear!


  5. @Noemi: Summer indeed has a lazy feel to it, with school holidays and everyone going off on vacations.. trouble is, it’s always summer in Indonesia! 😀


  6. Posted by Yamini on June 27, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Wow Asti..your list is EXACTLY like mine =D Yamini


  7. Posted by triiz on June 29, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    happy june, this june is also the starting point of my life. choice to work or continue study,hmm..


  8. @yams: hahahaha! great minds (or great procrastinators?) think alike 😉

    @triiz: how exciting! so when do you have to make the final decision? good luck!


  9. […] real? Already? It only felt like yesterday that I welcomed June, and now I am welcoming the first member of the Ber family: September! And how funny (and slightly […]


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