What I Want On This Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Let’s make one thing clear here: I am not normally a cheesy person. In fact, I’m pretty much anti-cheese. Not that I’m anti-romance.. it’s just by nature it’s not very easy for me to be vulnerable. And despite my extrovert personality, I am heavily guarded and private when it comes to matters of the heart. So googly-eyes, cutesy nicknames and baby talk is, well, truly outside of my comfort zone.

That said, this is a cheesy post. I blame the weather (it’s raining), and the day (it’s Sunday). It’s just one of those moments that somehow makes being cheesy easier. And who am I to fight against the circumstances? So yeah, this is what I want at this moment. There, I said it.

Source: loveiswhen


3 responses to this post.

  1. Sweet 🙂


  2. To him it’s not cheesy, it is suffocating.


  3. @cecelia: agree! 🙂
    @colson: hahaha appreciate the male point-of-view! that said, I’m cringing already just reading thist post.. my cheesy moment was very short-lived!


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