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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refreshing

This is what happened when I tried to “refresh” my Google Chrome. And yes, I did have internet connection (see how the error was not the you-are-not-connected-to-the-Internet type). I especially love how it suggested to search for Google via Google Search.


A bit of humour is refreshing, no? 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

On our way to Krakatoa, we made our last civilization pit-stop at Sebesi Island to pick up meals, water bottles, toilet paper and to enjoy the modern conveniences of plumbing, running water and toilet before we venture out into the wilderness.

The boat docked at the pier, and the island kids came out to play — showing off their fishing skills using a simple string and a hermit-crab-cum-snail (the local name is umang-umang) as bait. This boy is definitely the best of ’em all: he caught ~5 small fishes in ~20 minutes.

All this, while the pier support is clearly giving in to the forces of mother nature! The cement has completely been split apart, and the steel bars look more like rubber strings (I had no idea steel can be bent and pulled like this!). Any bets on how long this shall last before the whole thing collapses?

Nature: 1, Cement-Steel Bar Combo: 0

Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Taken during my 4th trip to Seoul, but this was (I think) the first time I traveled there by myself. I landed early in the morning, so this was taken on the bus trip from the airport to the hotel. It’s not the best picture as it’s taken with my BlackBerry phone camera, but looking at it now brings back memories of that tranquil, almost-solemn moment of watching the sun slowly rise quietly amidst the wintry cold and sleepy passengers…

Seoul Sunrise (7:11 AM, 9 March 2010)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

OK, I admit this is a very belated post (still working on NYR #2).

Anyways, this was taken on my recent trip to Bangkok.. specifically at the (in)famous Patpong (red-light district) area. Apparently, over there 50 is the  magic number!

50 is enough, right?

Friday Night: Waiting for Dad

Map of Afghanistan with flag.

Afghanistan Map & Flag (Image via Wikipedia)

Staying at home may not be the coolest thing to do on a Friday night for a 20-something girl like yours truly, but that is exactly what I’m doing.

All in the name of waiting for my beloved Dad.

If it’s any of his normal business trips, then I probably would still consider going out. But this time, he’s coming back from Afghanistan. So I think that deserves a special exception. While it’s not actually his first trip there (it’s probably his 4th, and he’ll probably be going back again sometime in the near future), this time is slightly different.

My Dad, in brushing my fear away about Kabul, kept saying that Kabul is safe and that the fightings/attacks occur in the provinces, away from Kabul. Also, he spends most of his time in the apparently-very-safe compound, and he only goes out to the “expat-approved” venues that have uber-tight securities. Yet, about 3 days ago, the Intercon Hotel in Kabul was attacked by gunmen and suicide bombers. And I assume such a prominently-Western hotel will be one of those “expat-approved” venues.

So yes, I worry. And I pray. And now I wait.

Going through this, I cannot even begin to  imagine what it must be like for all the families of those military personnels out there.. in Afghanistan, and all other conflict areas. At least I am slightly comforted by the fact that my dad is a lecturer who spends his day in the office/classroom, and not out there on the actual front line. Plus, his “tour of duty” lasts for about 2 weeks, not 2 months or 2 years.

So I expand my prayers for all those affected by the wars: the military personnels, the other expats there, the families left behind … and of course, all the Afghanis who have lived their lives in what seems like a perpetual war cycle.

“If we don’t end war, war will end us.” — H.G. Wells