Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Taken during my 4th trip to Seoul, but this was (I think) the first time I traveled there by myself. I landed early in the morning, so this was taken on the bus trip from the airport to the hotel. It’s not the best picture as it’s taken with my BlackBerry phone camera, but looking at it now brings back memories of that tranquil, almost-solemn moment of watching the sun slowly rise quietly amidst the wintry cold and sleepy passengers…

Seoul Sunrise (7:11 AM, 9 March 2010)


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  2. sebelum lihat keterangan di bawah foto lo….gw udah nebak ini pasti dari Incheon ke Seoul. Haha if you were me, It could be the best feeling in the morning……finally going back to Seoul and seeing the Sun smiling to you #apasihgue


    • ah lo ama korea kan emang ada hubungan special.. i’m sure it’s not only the Sun who’s smiling at you in Korea 😉 #apasihgue


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