Weekly Photo Challenge: Worn

On our way to Krakatoa, we made our last civilization pit-stop at Sebesi Island to pick up meals, water bottles, toilet paper and to enjoy the modern conveniences of plumbing, running water and toilet before we venture out into the wilderness.

The boat docked at the pier, and the island kids came out to play — showing off their fishing skills using a simple string and a hermit-crab-cum-snail (the local name is umang-umang) as bait. This boy is definitely the best of ’em all: he caught ~5 small fishes in ~20 minutes.

All this, while the pier support is clearly giving in to the forces of mother nature! The cement has completely been split apart, and the steel bars look more like rubber strings (I had no idea steel can be bent and pulled like this!). Any bets on how long this shall last before the whole thing collapses?

Nature: 1, Cement-Steel Bar Combo: 0


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