More Time, Please!

If there ever was a list of eternal questions, pondered across the generations (well, generations since the invention of money that is), this would definitely be in the top three:

“Do you wish you had more time or money?”

As they say, when we were students we had all the time but no money… and when we’ve joined the rat race and are paid employees, we have all the money but no time!

And since I’m now in the latter category, then my answer is a resounding, “More time, please!”

Some people chose time because with more time, you can get more money (e.g. work more) but you can’t buy more time with money. However, I’m lucky enough to have found a job that pays the bill, and then some. The problem then is that I have never been, and don’t think will ever be, a big shopper.. which would have made it easier to spend and enjoy my hard-earned money: drive straight to the nearest mall, then shop. No, I am instead a big traveler.. which means I require time as well.

My government is stingy enough with only 12 days of leave given each year… compared to the 25-35 in European countries. Plus, public holidays that fall on a weekend do not get replaced! This means that for September-December 2011, i.e. from now until year-end, there will be no public holiday here in Indonesia as Christmas, New Year’s and others fall on the weekend! That is why I am not taking any leave even during the big Eid festival at the end of the month, and nor will I be joining my friends to a diving trip to Alor. I am saving all of my holidays for my upcoming Tour de Middle East with my good friend Amel! Yay! (To Amel: I’m giving up Alor. Huge sacrifice. So this better happen! 🙂 )

But I wonder if this emphasis on enjoying our hard-earned money, on work-life balance, is a new phenomenon? Recently, two managers in my office were discussing the pay in our company and what the employees thought of it.  They noted that their generation were focused on the bottom-line, i.e. money, and were willing to work hard and late to earn it, and save it for their family and kids. They look forward to retirement, when they plan to enjoy the fruits of their hard labour.

However, they see that the Gen Y (moi?) – which means the new entrants to the workforce – have a different perspective. They (we?) do not see much point in earning lots of money, and yet having no time to enjoy it. They (we?) don’t want to wait till retirement to enjoy it. No, we (they?) want to enjoy it now – while we are still young, free, and physically able. So no, it’s not all about the money.

There goes my two cent’s worth.. or two second’s worth (exchange rate: 1 cent = 1 second).


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by knot2share on August 21, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    This reminds me of a new Hindi (Indian) movie called Zindagi na milegi dobara (meaning: No second chances in life). So enjoy now…….I have not watched the movie yet, but this is what I have understood from what others have said. I like the philosophy but…….I get defensive while executing it 🙂


    • Wow, didn’t realize you’re a Bollywood fan! 😀 Like most things, this is definitely easier said than done.. I always think long-term and making future plans, when in fact there is no guarantee I will still be around in the future to enjoy it all then! (morbid thought, I know)


  2. […] about how time flies — and I did say that I’d like more time, please! I guess this should be another prod on my back that I should really start moving and doing […]


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