The -Bers Are Here?


Image by eschipul via Flickr

For real? Already? It only felt like yesterday that I welcomed June, and now I am welcoming the first member of the Ber family: September! And how funny (and slightly unsettling, in that Groundhog-Day way) that my to-do list today is exactly the same as that from 3 months ago: housework, office work, and car-work (gym-work happened yesterday already).

Talk about how time flies — and I did say that I’d like more time, please! I guess this should be another prod on my back that I should really start moving and doing something… something apart from the usual routines of housework, office work, and car-work. Yes, they need to be done now and will always need to be done again sometime in the future. But there should be something more, right? I mean, it seems like people are always up to doing great great stuff and I’m just, well, blah. Like I’m not going anywhere. Is this what people mean when they say they’ve “fallen in a rut”? Well, whatever they call it, it sucks.

And how do one get out of this so-called rut? I have to admit, I am not a big fan of those self-help books.. what I call the “duh” books. As in, “Duh, of course!” I am, by far and beyond, a leftie on the brain: where logic rules and where it is truly mind over matter. So I don’t do emotions much and I don’t do cheesy moments. So no, this “falling in a rut” – where my brain is left idle – is so not my cup of tea. Snap out if it, damnit! Yeah, will do, on the next ad break…


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