Revenge is Best Served by A Policeman: My Biggest Frustration about Driving

Like all cool things, this post is double-titled. Triple or quadruple would have been even better. Ask Puff Diddy/P. Diddy/Diddy/Sean Combs.

So the WP PostADay team asked me (yes, just me) what my biggest frustration is about driving. I don’t know if they have ever been to where I currently live — Jakarta — but I doubt it. Why? Well, the suggestions include things like “people who don’t know how to merge”, or  “the ones who leave their turn signals on for decades.” Oh, I wish these were my biggest frustrations! You hard-core fellow Jakartans can laugh along with me here.

To the rest of the world, here’s the Jakarta version of things-that-make-driving-fun:

1. Buses that stop anytime, anywhere. The world is their bus stop, apparently. Yes, even in the middle of a 4-lane road with 10 seconds left on the green light.

2. Same bus crossing the red light, while you (of course) dutifully stop.

3. Motorcycles going counterflow, on possibly every single road in Jakarta.

4. Motorcyles cutting across the lane without the slightest acknowledgment of my car.

5. Same motorcyle, with his wife and kids riding without helmets, who looked back in anger when I honked him.

6. Vehicles taking up the bus lanes dedicated to TransJakarta. There are portals blocking the lanes (they only open when the buses come) and lane barriers, but those with the  SUVs (i.e. rich people who are supposedly well-educated) just drive across the barriers after they’ve passed those portals. These include cars with the government/police/military license plates. Yes, even our Minister of Social Affairs did it!

7. Cars that go on the right lane, but you just know that they will cut in front and turn left. Vice versa for those turning right.

8. Cars that go sloooooooooowwww on the right lane in a 4-lane highway. And they are blind/deaf to all the honking and light-flashing that you give ’em. Seriously, dude. This is what they mean by “all talk, no action.”

9. Even worse, cars that hog two lanes. You can’t even pass these b*stards!

10. This is actually more heartbreaking than frustrating, but… cars that take advantage of someone’s emergency: those that tailgate an ambulance.

On a brighter note, on Friday I got my revenge on offender #7. See, usually you just have grin-and-bear-it when you see any of these Top 10 offenders… short of chasing after and ramming them in the back for the joy of it. But, lo and behold, the police was in action and actually stopped a guy who cut right in front of me to turn left! I honked, and tried to defend my lane as he inched closer, but I was already pressed against the side pavement and so I had to let him go first. As he turned left, the policeman came in front and stopped him! Yay! Eat that! Mampus lo! Rasain! Oooooooh, the joy of watching him trying to defend himself!!! *grin* You just made my day, Mr. Policeman.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Canadians don’t do a lot of honking but when they do , it’s usually a muslim women or something lol. To honk your horn when angry or frustrated is not the way to communicate . We are taught to just tap the horn when we feel the other person doesn’t see or know we are there , that’s it.


    • Well, I’m a muslim women and I admit I do honk a lot 😀 but I’d like to think the honking’s more of a Jakarta-driver thing rather than a muslim thing. Yeah, I’m trying to stop the honking, but it’s so hard when you see all of the above within 10 minutes from leaving your house…


  2. booya! untruncated! 😀
    btw, I really hate drivers that don’t use their turn signal… and apparently the concept of a roundabout is lost here


    • Haha! Finally!
      Man, knowing half the cars here, we’re lucky if their turn signals even work. And yes, the concept of roundabout is lost here.. *imagine Jakarta drivers actually giving way to others and waiting for their turn*


  3. Posted by knot2share on September 14, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    My biggest frustration? – I don’t drive!


    • Hmm, yes, I can see how that’s frustrating! 😀 Well, I’m actually a fan of public transport but since Jakarta lacks anything remotely resembling a public transport, I had no choice but learn how to drive… or else see my paycheck go straight to the cab company!


  4. Well, I have to say my own father does not use turn signals.
    My two sisters drive like Cattle.
    I on the other hand drive like an Old lady at age 44! LOL
    I think we could go on and on about this topic.
    I hate drivers who CAUSE accidents…what were they thinking or not thinking!!
    What were they doing?~!!


    • Hahaha “drive like cattle”, love that! Having been in a few accidents (not major ones) — as a passenger of course 😉 — I’d say it’s mostly because of “not thinking.” We get distracted way too easily by good conversation and music, and it’s always hard to stay focused for so long.


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