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Love Greed: My Multiple Valentines

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Way back when the great girls of Sex and the City fame decided you only get two great loves in life.

Screw that. I am having as many great loves as I possibly can: age, nationality and gender does not matter. And yes, they can all overlap too. Like one of the characters in The Tree of Life said – “The only way to be happy is to love. Unless you love, your life will flash by.” (and as I’m slowly getting closer to the big three-oh, there’s been enough life-flashing-by moments for me to know that I don’t like ’em. No flashing-by please, just take your time).

♥ God – You’ve been great, truly. No major complaints from my side, and I hope You feel the same too 🙂

Dad, Mom and Sis – For giving me the freedom and the support to be who I want to be. And for replacing that all that with a WTF and a slap in the face when I get a tad carried away. Coz we all know that happens a lot sometimes.

My 48 first cousins – It’s like having 48 brothers and sisters. No peace or quiet is possible, but who wants that when you have laughter and love instead!

Friends – For truly being the home-away-from-home and the family that I get to make myself. (see note on Dad, Mom and Sis). Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, USA, Singapore (and all the other places in between) would not have been as awesome without you all.

The Mister – For making me wait so long. Anticipation is half the fun! (though at this point, I’d like to get to the other half soon. Please.)

Happy Valentine’s Day!