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To Un-Publish or Not?

So. A certain someone has found his way into this far-flung so-deeply-buried-that-it-would-have-turned-into-diamonds/oil-if-it-were-made-from-dinosaur-bones blog. And decided to read some, if not most/all, of the posts. To my utter utter embarassment. Scale 5 on the picture above.

To say I have been shirking my blobligation is an understatement – it’s been over two years since my last post and it has become one of the many many things I have tried and abandoned in my thirty-something years of life (yes, since my last post I have moved on from a twenty-something girl to a thirty-something girl. Still a girl though, hahaha).

So when this certain person raised the subject of my blog, I can’t help but walk down memory lane and try to recall what is it that I have written here… only to find that memory lane filled with embarrassing stories and revelations! I’m not quite sure what possessed me to write the stuff I wrote – maybe the thought that it is easier to share and be open with complete strangers? And never thinking it would be read by people I actually know and will meet…  well, apart from my mom and two friends, who would know all (and more!) anyways.

In hindsight, would I have chosen to un-publish some of them? Maybe. I’m actually still trying to re-read all of them – I find myself cringing from embarrassment too soon so I have to take my posts in bite-sizes! (And so I wonder, how do you my two loyal readers, cope with all this? And why you no tell me???)

While I have had my share of things said and regretted, somehow things written and regretted is even harder to claw back and retract. To top it all off, things written online and then regretted… well, then, I guess only God can help you. So, God, help me out here before I make anymore cringe-worthy moment? Unless, of course, You need a good laugh and chose me as the “lucky” one. Then I’m all yours. And I expect a worthy reward in heaven for all this 🙂