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It’s the Small Things…

…that makes life wonderful. Really and truly.

After the depressing wake-up call from my Thailand trip, I thought I should try to find a lil bit happiness in the everyday madness of Jakarta.. at least to keep me sane until my next lil travel fix. So what better time to start this list than on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Here goes, the list of small things that makes me happy (for now, at least):

1. Lazy Sunday afternoon, which started with a busy morning and will end with dinner with friends *bliss*

2. The lil endorphine-kick (and ego-boost) after a gym session.. on a Sunday morning no less! Yeah, baby, I’m ‘a get me some muscles mwahahaha (thanks to Dad for waking me up at 7:30am and asked for a ride to his friend’s place…)

3. Having a KFC meal, and ice cream for dessert after the gym session.. and not feeling guilty about it! (edit, delete note about muscle in #2).

4. The fresh smell of newly-washed hair, and the additional satisfaction of having it nicely blow-dried.. now the shop assisstants actually attend to me!

5. Having the house to myself…

6. …while knowing that my family is safe and sound, busy with their own activities. (right, God? please?)

7. Chocolate-covered, almond-stuffed, dates… yum! (and still not feeling guilty about it!)

8. Having something to write for #7 (was stuck there for a few mins..)

9. Writing again.. I am neither a good nor prolific writer, but the I do enjoy the lil bit that I do and always wish I have the discipline to write more.

10. Typing this lil post in my green backyard, listening to the rain and watching the fish and turtles lazily swimming away in the pond.

Have a great Sunday, people.