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Yes, it’s finally here. It’s real, all-encompassing… and I am basking in its glory! 3 exams, 1 week.. the culmination of 3 months of readings, lectures and assignments. I should by now be an expert in:

  1. International Industry Economics
  2. International Monetary Economics
  3. Global Banking and Economic Institutions
  4. Finance

I’ve just finished my last exam for this semester, and I am looking forward to a four weeks of nothing-ness. Bliss! Big plans for the vacation, which starts tomorrow with shopping for a friend’s birthday present, then to the cinema to watch SATC and sushi for dinner with friends. One big girl’s night out.

Then on to Prince Caspian on Friday night, another dinner on Saturday night with finally Picasso exhibition on Sunday.

*this is my version of shouting on top of my lungs, “I’m doooonnneeee!” to the world. I’ll just write here, quietly.*

But before that, I’ll have a job interview on Friday for a waitressing job! My first part-time job interview!! Hmm, I’m not quite sure what to expect, and what kind of preparation I should do. And, oh God, what to wear? The suit I usually wear for “professional” job interviews? Help, anyone?

Anyways, I am now about to enjoy my first, of many, well-deserved stress-free sleep 😀

Good night, world.