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Facebook and Gmail chat emoticons

Don’t you just love facebook chat? I know I was pleasantly surprised when I first saw that bottom toolbar, with the little green dot and a list of my online friends. I knew too that that day was my downfall, when facebook will forever be ingrained on my laptop. I can already see that blue bar, with the small white innocent “f” at the top lefthand corner, burnt on to the screen. Ditto for gmail, and the gmail chat.

Imagine then my little delighted yelp of “oooooohhh!” when I discovered the extra chat emoticons for both facebook and gmail. No longer will I be constrained by the standard smiley faces; I now can show my superiority better express myself to my friends by using these hidden emoticons! Hey, we all need our little bit of power and ego boost 🙂

So, with the risk of losing all that hard-gained smugness, I will now share this little bit of info with you, dear readers.

For facebook emoticons, click here. And over here for gmail ones.