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Rocks and iPhones

This is my input to the popular Twitter account.

Being the most handsome member of the family composed of a wife and two daughters, I have to credit my Dad for tolerating the abnormal amount of female-ness in the family: clothes, shoes, accessories, shoes, bags, diamonds, pearls, gold, silvers, china plates, bedsheets, curtains, furnitures, am-I-fat questions, etc. And he does enjoy making fun of the whole thing.

This morning, while the 3 women of the house excitedly peruse through all my mom’s jewelleries, my dad just sat there silently, picking up each item gingerly and then slowly putting it down. One of the items was a set of pearl earrings and necklaces, to which he remarked, “Wow, that’s heavy.”

My sister: “Well, yeah, because those are real saltwater pearls. That’s how you know the good stuff from the cheap and fake ones: the weight. Like real gold, real pearls, real silverware. They’re heavy.”

My dad: “So is a rock. Or a boulder. You wanna wear one?”

My new favorite humour website this week is damnyouautocorrect.

(From Kara: This is a conversation with my husband.His name is NOT Mickey!)

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

damn you auto correct funny iphone fails and blunders

Thesis Countdown

One week left to the big day: Thesis Due Date! No, it’s not one of those fun dates where I get to dress up and be wined and dined. Well, who knows, maybe it will turn into that come night time. Something to look forward to *hint, anyone? please?* But anytime pre-4pm on November 3rd, it’s a date with my (as yet unfinished) thesis, laptop and printer.

Until then, this is me at my best:

Oh why, oh why ???

I want to go to jail!

PS3’s prison ban

Sony’s PlayStation 3 has been banned from prisons because it can “send and receive radio signals”, the Home Secretary John Reid has said. The machine, which has wi-fi capabilities, was released in shops last week, priced at £425. Mr Reid was replying in a written answer to Shadow Home Secretary David Davis.” (link)

Now, I am not a game-console person (the last one I had was the Sega and Gameboy) and I profess my lack of knowledge about them. But I hope I’m not wrong in thinking that there are other reasons beside “it can send and receive radio signals” for PS3 to be banned from prisons!

I am aware of their entertainment potential, (observed from cousins and friends), but have yet to see any crime-reduction capabilities. If anything, there has always been debates on the link between violent video games and TV shows with actual violent behaviour. Does the prison warden/government then provide a list of “acceptable” games? Cue in the image of a group of convicts playing Super Mario Brothers.

It is not clear from the news bit above whether the UK government is actually providing the PS3 (and assuming other video game consoles prior to this) or if they are gifts from the prisoners’ friends and families. I do hope that it’s these friends and family who are footing the bill (£425 for a PS3) and not the tax-payers.

I have always thought prisons were meant to keep prisoners from doing criminal acts and also to think about what they have done and hopefully learn from it. It’s not unlike kids being sent to their room or told to stay in a corner as a form or punishment. I do think however that the parents will take away any form of entertainment (e.g. TV, radio, phones) during this confinement in the hope that the child/prisoner will self-reflect and learn from their mistakes.

My image of prison life has been of confinement, small tiny cell and back-breaking work under the hot sun. Now I wonder if this is all just a Hollywood imagination, perhaps to help the government to cover up what really goes on in prison life! Now maybe I see this: free food and nap time, running around and playing catch or tag during recess, playing video game consoles…no work and all play! Sounds like kindergarden to me!

Quotes — Tata Young

I just found this quote from Cleo magazine, Singapore. In reply to the question about her ideal man:

“I must be his first priority — I can never take a guy who is selfish”
–Tata Young

Hmm… Some serious self-reflection is needed here.