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Ramadhan for kids

My friend introduced me to the wonderful world of Upin and Ipin yesterday, and so I thought I’ll share it with the greater world. Apologies though to those who do not speak Indonesian or Malay, as the show is shown in that language only.

In short, Upin & Ipin tells the story of two brothers as they learn about Ramadhan (the Holy Month for Moslems). The story line, though quite predictable for anyone who is familiar with Ramadhan’s basic tenets, is narrated by the twin brothers in a simple and clear animation style. It is about their first fasting experience for Ramadhan.

Upin and Ipin are bald, big-eyed 5-year-old twins. Upin is the elder of the two, differentiated with a twirl of hair on his head. Ipin is obssessed with fried chicken, and will either be holding one on his hand or dreaming about it.

The two characters are well defined and are very endearing. Their direct questions, (natural) rebellions and learning process create an easy platform for those who wish to learn about Ramadhan and also create some funny moments. I think the creators have really pinned down the average kids’ first encounter with Ramadhan: trying to learn, understand and do it. (From their website, I found that the show has been bought by a Turkish tv channel, so I suppose Upin and Ipin’s story is not unique to the Indo/Malay culture)

For more information, you can visit their website or see their show on YouTube (1st and 2nd episode, here). I have uploaded the 1st and 2nd episode below. You can see YouTube for all other episodes.

Hope you enjoy it!