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I just watched Babel on Tuesday night with my friend at Shaw Lido. It was my 2nd time watching a movie here in Singapore since I officially moved here in November 2006.

The movie is, as expected, very very good. As the tagline promised, it shows our inability to communicate with others (due to physical disability such as the deaf-mute Japanese girl or just a mental block due to cultural/racial/religious difference).

But what really struck me from this movie was the insensitivity of the passengers in the bus with Brad Pitt/Kate Blanchett. Did anyone notice that none of them offered to help Richard (Pitt) take care of Susan (Blanchett)? Instead, it was the bus guide that stood by Richard throughout the whole ordeal. Not one of them came down with the couple to the doctor’s hut, not one of them offered any help nor offered their sympathy and sat with the couple while waiting for help. Instead, they all just sat in/around the bus and then finally decided to leave the couple alone in the village. The entire time, they acted as if Pitt/Blanchett was a burden to them as opposed to a friend in need.

Is this the level of individualism in our society? That at perhaps someone’s darkest hour, we still manage to put me, myself and I first?