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February: NYR #11 (Write More)

And so February has come and gone. I survived Valentine’s Day intact and scar-free, although on second thought perhaps it’s more like an internal wound that you don’t feel until it is pretty chronic. Let’s hope not, shall we? I do have NYR #6 to think about…

So, following on from my amazing January progress report (if I do say so myself.. don’t we just love self-assessments?), my February progress report is no less impressive (I am being as objective as I can). I took on the challenge to “write more”.

Being fully cognizant of my amazing procrastination ability (see NYR #2), I joined the postaweek2011 challenge (peer pressure works, I assure you)  and joined Plinky (not knowing what to write about is no longer an excuse). (note: While I am an optimistic, glass-half-full kinda girl, the postaday challenge would be a masochistic choice). And this marks my 6th post for the year. In the 10th week of the year. So, yay me! I did join the challenge a bit late, but it is my plan to end the year with all 52 posts. In comparison, I only wrote 5 posts in the whole of 2010!

While I am no great writer, and will never be, (along with my other trashed dreams of becoming a singer/actress/dancer/painter… the arts has been to me what maths were to most of my classmates), and writing does not come easy to me, I do enjoy having written. Reading old diaries, letters, and blog posts reminds me of days gone by, of the roads taken and not taken, of the journey to get me to the here and now, and satisfies my nostalgic-freak side. Even if only to laugh at how silly I was (repeat: was, not am). I still have, locked safely away of course from the peering eyes of my big family, the old diary I kept during my teen years. Where, sadly, every post was about a guy/guys I had a crush(es) on. Forget the postaday challenge, that was the time of the crushaday challenge. Talk about teenage hormones. I am glad to say I am (a bit) wiser and more selective of my “crushes” these days.

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