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“I Sold My Soul for a Bag,” She Said.

Apparently, the new currency for a human soul is.. a bag! Meet the first customer (well, first I’ve heard of anyways) of this I-hope-not-too-popular deal. I shall name her the Bag Lady (yes, creativity is not one of my strong points).

The Bag Lady - "If you're not the shape of a bag with an expensive logo stamped on your forehead, then you are not worthy of my time... or my chair"

The story goes like this: Once upon a time, (well, 23 June 2011 to be exact),  there was a friend of mine who walked around the food court in Vivo City, Singapore looking for a seat and a table. Lo and behold, she chanced upon this empty seat — pending the removal of a bag. She asked kindly to the nice (wrong assumption #1) lady to remove said bag. Alas, the lady said refused! Her defense: This is an expensive bag. (read: “No! This bag is my soul! I have no human decency left, so leave me alone!”)

My friend offered several solutions offered — so that she won’t have to put it on the floor —  such as 1) hold it on her lap, 2) sling it on the chair, 3) put it behind her back, thinking that if she does not have any decency left, then maybe at least her common sense/logic will prevail (wrong assumption #2). She said “no no no”, then resumed eating.

Really? REALLY?

I cannot even begin to image what I would have done in such situation! Spill my food on the bag? Just sit anyways, and see what happens? Laugh?

Just reading it already makes me so angry and speechless! I have never thought such level of arrogance and selfishness can exist… but I guess that’s wrong assumption #3. With the Singapore Great Sale now on — where surely many expensive bags will be bought — maybe we should all avoid food courts there until it’s over.

What has the world truly become?

“Seems like everybody’s got a price…” — Jessie J, Price Tag


Thesis Countdown

One week left to the big day: Thesis Due Date! No, it’s not one of those fun dates where I get to dress up and be wined and dined. Well, who knows, maybe it will turn into that come night time. Something to look forward to *hint, anyone? please?* But anytime pre-4pm on November 3rd, it’s a date with my (as yet unfinished) thesis, laptop and printer.

Until then, this is me at my best:

Oh why, oh why ???

Observing People Part II

Yes, I am a private student. Yes, I know it’s expensive… and yes, so were my previous schools and universities. Yes, my dad works in a bank. Yes, it’s a multinational organization. Yes, I have lived abroad most of my life. Yes, I have traveled extensively.

No, I am not a spoiled brat… and No, we don’t have a money growing in our backyard (come to think of it, what backyard? We currently live in an apartment!)

This is to those who assume that I can just pick up the phone and go “Daddyyy!! I need money!” First, because I was not brought up like that. Second, because I was not brought up like that.

I have to say that this is one of my biggest pet peeve: people stereotyping me as a rich, spoiled brat. I take that as an insult to me, and to my parents.

I realize how blessed I am, and rest assured I do not throw it away. I (ehem!) excel at my education (partly because I know just how much it’s costing my parents!) and control my budget appropriately. My parents and I always work out my allowance and living cost before sending me abroad (and it is set to the average spending pattern. No outlier here.) and they send it to me lump-sum for the whole year.

And that’s it. My parents will not send me anymore money after that. They trust me enough to send me halfway across the world, and so they trust me enough to take care of myself: health-, education-, faith- and money-wise. I never questioned it, because I agree with it. With the greater freedom and power of living alone with no parental supervision, comes greater responsibility to discipline myself (modified from Spiderman). I chose to go where I went.. and that means I choose the consequences and responsibility that come with that choice.

I am just thankful that I had a choice. A lot of people don’t.

Yes, there are those that have a choice and abuse it.

No, I am not one of them.

So there. That’s my rant for now. (I’m now going back to face my current biggest responsibility: my thesis.)

Observing People (Part I)

I’m a people person, but some people… I just don’t get.

Case number one: People who are so afraid/embarassed to be beaten academically that they make those who get lower grades feel inferior.

People who tell you they got a certain grade, say a B. And asked you for yours, to which you replied, “an A.” They then reply with, “I was just kidding. I actually got A+. Hahaha!”

Now where is the need to do that? Why would you purposely lie about your grade first time round, and only to reveal a higher grade once you’ve found your opponent’s. It’s not a zero-sum game: my doing well does not harm you in any way.

Or maybe they are trying to be nice: tell me a lower grade to spare my feeling just in case I did badly. Would they have revealed to me their true grade if I had said I received a C?

Have you met someone who does this (i.e. lying about their grades, only to reveal the truth after you have told them yours)? What do you think is their main intention?

To be a spoiled brat, or not to be

A quick note before I crawl under the duvet and get my due rest.

Someone expressed his/her (I’m feeling benevolent and keeping him/her anonymous… for now) discontent at my luck of being born into my family… more specifically, a family of a certain socio-economic status.

Now let’s get one thing straight: my family is not rich. We’re not poor by any standard, but I was definitely not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. My dad’s wealth is purely enough to keep him and my mom comfortable in their old age. My sister and I (currently*) do not have a large inheritance to look forward to, and so will have to earn our own economic standing the old-fashioned way: hard work.

I do however acknowledge, and am grateful, for what my parents have afforded to give me thus far. This realization sometimes brings me and my sister to the big question: Are we spoiled?

We’ve never wanted for anything, nor was money ever a primary concern throughout our childhood and now. Well, maybe slightly problematic now, but not in the bigger homeless-starving-and-no-medical-insurance picture. We’ve gone on family holidays around the world, eaten at numerous beautiful restaurants, slept at a few wonderful hotels, held various silver and gold frequent flyer cards and attended elite expensive schools/universities.

Does that mean we’re spoiled? I’d like to think not. The mere fact that my sister and I ask ourselves this question, to me, says we’re not. Spoiled means being ungrateful of what you have, of being dissatisfied and wanting more, and of demanding what we want, when we want it,  without consideration to others. My sister and I, (would like to think that) we do not throw money everywhere at everything. We work hard to make the most out of what we’ve been blessed with. We both pass schools and universities with good (nay, great!) grades, we stick to a yearly budget (our parents send as a lump-sum our yearly living cost/allowance. it is not a low amount, but neither is it above average) — with some savings at the end of the year — and we both look forward to earning our own money to move away from our parents’.

S/he may be pissed off that she wasn’t born into a family of equal or higher socio-economic status. That’s no reason to hate me, though. I did not ask to be born as my parents’ daughter… nor do I take it for granted. Besides, even if her/his family can’t afford it, her/his government has always have given many opportunities to better him/herself. Why s/he doesn’t take them, I don’t know. I say she’s the spoiled one. And that’s real poverty: to not take full advantage of what you have been given.

This was supposed to be a quick one, by the way.

*The only reason I’m saying currently is because I can’t predict the future.. who knows, I might get lucky and get that 1-million-dollar inheritance! 🙂