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Little Microsoft Update Rant

Today was not a good day. I got disconnected from the Internet due to a little Microsoft update. Bah. I’m done with my I-trust-Microsoft-update-so-I-will-always-click-on-the-yellow-shield-with-exclamation-mark attitude. It cost me my morning and a phone call to (and visit by) my IT-helpdesk (read: Mika).

Windows Update

When I told her that I could no longer get online after installing what I thought was a regular and trustworthy Microsoft Windows update, she informed that she herself does not automatically allow these updates. She dislikes the fact that these updates do not say which part of the registry/system/whatever it is changing. I guess being an IT student she is more aware of the potential conflicts these hidden system changes can cause.

Anyways, clearly I am now back online after we (read: she) lowered my ZoneAlarm firewall setting from high to medium. Something even I know is not a good choice: an update that forces me to live with a lower security setting?? Please.

But apparently I am not the only one. BBC reports that

“Many users of the ZoneAlarm firewall have been floored by a fix to the net’s addressing system. Those hit found they could not get online after installing a Microsoft patch to close a security loophole.”

Good choice, man: close security loophole by not letting us go online in the first place 🙂 I just wish these updates would be more informative. I’ve certainly learnt my lesson and will scrutinize these seemingly-innocent yellow-shield updates before allowing them.

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