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“I Sold My Soul for a Bag,” She Said.

Apparently, the new currency for a human soul is.. a bag! Meet the first customer (well, first I’ve heard of anyways) of this I-hope-not-too-popular deal. I shall name her the Bag Lady (yes, creativity is not one of my strong points).

The Bag Lady - "If you're not the shape of a bag with an expensive logo stamped on your forehead, then you are not worthy of my time... or my chair"

The story goes like this: Once upon a time, (well, 23 June 2011 to be exact),  there was a friend of mine who walked around the food court in Vivo City, Singapore looking for a seat and a table. Lo and behold, she chanced upon this empty seat — pending the removal of a bag. She asked kindly to the nice (wrong assumption #1) lady to remove said bag. Alas, the lady said refused! Her defense: This is an expensive bag. (read: “No! This bag is my soul! I have no human decency left, so leave me alone!”)

My friend offered several solutions offered — so that she won’t have to put it on the floor —  such as 1) hold it on her lap, 2) sling it on the chair, 3) put it behind her back, thinking that if she does not have any decency left, then maybe at least her common sense/logic will prevail (wrong assumption #2). She said “no no no”, then resumed eating.

Really? REALLY?

I cannot even begin to image what I would have done in such situation! Spill my food on the bag? Just sit anyways, and see what happens? Laugh?

Just reading it already makes me so angry and speechless! I have never thought such level of arrogance and selfishness can exist… but I guess that’s wrong assumption #3. With the Singapore Great Sale now on — where surely many expensive bags will be bought — maybe we should all avoid food courts there until it’s over.

What has the world truly become?

“Seems like everybody’s got a price…” — Jessie J, Price Tag


What I Want On This Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Let’s make one thing clear here: I am not normally a cheesy person. In fact, I’m pretty much anti-cheese. Not that I’m anti-romance.. it’s just by nature it’s not very easy for me to be vulnerable. And despite my extrovert personality, I am heavily guarded and private when it comes to matters of the heart. So googly-eyes, cutesy nicknames and baby talk is, well, truly outside of my comfort zone.

That said, this is a cheesy post. I blame the weather (it’s raining), and the day (it’s Sunday). It’s just one of those moments that somehow makes being cheesy easier. And who am I to fight against the circumstances? So yeah, this is what I want at this moment. There, I said it.

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June, Anew!

New Year's Day postcard mailed in 1909. It rea...

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First post for the month of June.. or the last month in the 1st half of 2011. Yes, we all know that time flies.. it’s a lesson we’ve all learnt again and again. And yet, somehow, at least for me, it refuses to sink in. I still can’t believe we’re pretty much halfway into 2011. New Year’s felt like yesterday.. and New Year’s Resolution? Long forgotten, and put to rest.

And yet! This trait of forgetfulness, while a detriment to learning (and re-learning) life’s lessons, is highly beneficial to my undying spirit for self-improvement, for trying better and starting anew each Monday (I will finish writing up all those reports at work!), Saturday (I shall clean my room this weekend!), and each 1st day of the month. Forget last week, last weekend, last month.. I will be better starting now!

So here’s to starting fresh in this month of June!

Short-term goal to take me through the end of the week:

  1. Wash my car
  2. Clean my room
  3. Start my list of expenses to better track my spending
  4. Go to the gym
  5. Finish all those work reports!

That should keep me busy 😉

Happy June, all!